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Class Action Park

A review for the Documentary Class Action Park, about an infamous Theme Park called Action Park. A twisted and wild ride well worth taking.


A documentary following the world of Zeytin, a stray dog living life on the streets of Istanbul.

Bleeding Audio

Bleeding Audio is an intimate portrait detailing The Matches' promising career, defeating break up, and inspiring reunion

Boys State

1,100 17-year-old boys from Texas join together to build a representative government from the ground up in Boys State


InstaBAND is a documentary film about today's music artist and their hustle to try and achieve music stardom

Maserati: A Hundred Years Against All Odds

Celebrate the long and storied history of one of the world's most recognizable icons, Maserati.

Suzi Q

Story of trailblazing American rock singer-songwriter Suzi Quatro, who helped redefine the role of women in rock 'n' roll when she broke out in 1973.

Screened Out

A documentary addressing tech addiction in the modern age.

Show Me The Picture: The Story Of Jim Marshall

Photographer Jim Marshall captures the heights of the Rock and Roll music era, from the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, to the civil rights movements and some of the most iconic moments of the 60's.

Inmate #1: The Rise Of Danny Trejo

Having spent much of his early life in prison, actor Danny Trejo discusses his career and how he has overcome a life of crime and addiction.

Streetlight Harmonies

Streetlight Harmonies shines a long overdue spotlight on the artists and celebrates the music that defined the musical generation of Doo-Wop.

It All Begins With A Song

As a story about of one of music’s most important forces, the Nashville songwriter, ‘It All Begins With A Song’ is packed with raw performances and interviews from legendary artists.