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Faberge: A Life Of Its Own (2017)

Originally released in 2015, the documentary Faberge: A Life Of Its Own, has had some work done to show the world's most valuable Easter egg


Norwegian chess sensation Magnus Carlsen as he becomes a Grandmaster at just 13 and a two-time World Champion at 25.

Nanny Culture

Nanny Culture begins by following the company Nanny Inc. in London.

My Scientology Movie

A year after first being shown at the BFI London Film Festival, Louis Theroux’s Scientology documentary finally gets a release in the UK.

When Two Worlds Collide

It's a long held belief of mine, as a very minor eco-warrior, that we, as humans, have absolutely no clue what we are doing to the very planet that we live on

Warriors, Come Out To Play…Cricket!

Warriors is a documentary following a group of young Maasai who, in a remote region of Kenya, remarkably, form a cricket team

The Closer We Get

Documentaries can be about a variety of subjects. Some contain humour, others have a statement, a message to get across.


I’m not a Formula 1 fan, I much prefer MotoGP or Touring Cars, maybe Rallying, but I did used to watch the sport and I do remember watching the accident in which Senna tragically lost his life live on TV.