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The Makers Of Driven, Glenn Payne And Casey Dillard, Talk To Curt Wiser

It was June of 2019 at the Dances With Films Film Festival when I first watched the horror/comedy Driven and met the two filmmakers behind the wheel. They are Glenn Payne, who is the director and a producer of the film and Casey Dillard, who is the writer, producer and star of Driven. This interview […]

Romas Zabarauskas Interview

Our reporter Liselotte Vanophem had a chat with writer/director Romas Zabarauskas about his latest film "The Lawyer", social challenges, and LGBTQ+ rights

Interview Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare And Hillary Shakespeare (“Soundtrack To Sixteen”)

Our reporter Liselotte Vanophem had a chat with Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare, Hillary Shakespeare, the Shakespeare sisters, about their "Soundtrack to Sixteen", what it's like to make a movie, music and what their future plans are.

Interview Sean Micallef (“Soundtrack To Sixteen”)

"Soundtrack of Sixteen" had its cinematic premiere at The Prince Charles Cinema during which OC Movie Reviews journalist Liselotte Vanophem talked to actor Sean Micallef. Read their interview here.

Interview Isabel Fidderman (“Soundtrack To Sixteen”)

Our journalist Liselotte Vanophem had an interview with actress Isabel Fidderman and they talked about "Soundtrack to Sixteen", music, theatre and acting.

Interview Writer / Producer / Actor Jonas Chernick

Liselotte Vanophem had a chat with writer/producer/actor Jonas Chernick and talked about his latest film “James vs. His Future Self”, making movies, watching films and what the future holds.

Interview Director Adam Egypt Mortimer (“Daniel Isn’t Real”)

Liselotte Vanophem spoke to director Adam Egypt Mortimer and talked about his latest film “Daniel Isn't Real”, the love for film and his future plans.

Interview With Rebecca Stern, Director Of Dog Documentary Well Groomed

Rebecca Stern tells us about making the creative grooming documentary, Well Groomed

Interview With Sharknado Writer Thunder Levin

Curt Wiser sits with the man, the legend, Thunder Levin, writer and director of Sharknado

Matt Aselton Interview

Liselotte Vanophem sat down with Matt Aselton and talked about his latest movie (“Lying and Stealing”), art and filmmaking

Tomer Heymann Interview – Part Two

Liselotte Vanophem had a chat with director Tomer Heymann about “Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life”, his friendship with Agassi and documentary making. This is part two of the interview.