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Interview With Supernova Writer & Director Harry Macqueen

Our journalist Liselotte Vanophem had the chance to interview writer/director Harry Macqueen and they had a chat about his latest movie "Supernova", casting Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci and filmmaking in general.

Q&A With Jordan Imiola

An interview with Jordan Imiola, the writer/director of Christmas Staycation. This is a Comedy shot entirely through Zoom, during the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown.

Madison Iseman Interview

Liselotte Vanophem interviewed actress Madison Iseman ("Jumanji: The Next Level”, “Feast of the Seven Fishes”) and they talked about Iseman's new horror movie "Nocturne", classical music and what to do when being stuck in lockdown.

Jacques Colimon Interview

Our reporter Liselotte Vanophem had virtual 'get together' with actor Jacques Colimon and they spoke about his latest horror movie "Nocturne", his love for classical music and future plans.

Zu Quirke Interview

Our reporter Liselotte Vanophem had a virtual chat with writer/director Zu Quirke and talked about Quirke's directional debut "Nocturne", classical music, chemistry tests during the casting and the film industry.

Veena Sud Interview

Liselotte Vanophem and writer/director Veena Sud had a chat about "The Lie", her latest film for Amazon, working with Peter Sarsgaard and Mireille Enos and making a film in freezing temperatures.

Mireille Enos Interview

Liselotte Vanophem was able to speak to actress Mireille Enos and talk about her latest film "The Lie", working with both director Veena Sud and actor Peter Sarsgaard and the upcoming season of "Hanna".

Tyler Savage And Vincent Van Horn Interview

Liselotte Vanophem sat down with director/co-writer Tyler Savage and actor Vincent van Horn and had a virtual chat about their new, thrilling and dark movie "Blinders".

Director Nour Wazzi Interview

Liselotte Vanophem sat down with director Nour Wazzi to talk about "Baby Mine", film casting , the passion for movies and what the future holds for Wazzi.

The Makers Of Driven, Glenn Payne And Casey Dillard, Talk To Curt Wiser

It was June of 2019 at the Dances With Films Film Festival when I first watched the horror/comedy Driven and met the two filmmakers behind the wheel. They are Glenn Payne, who is the director and a producer of the film and Casey Dillard, who is the writer, producer and star of Driven. This interview […]

Romas Zabarauskas Interview

Our reporter Liselotte Vanophem had a chat with writer/director Romas Zabarauskas about his latest film "The Lawyer", social challenges, and LGBTQ+ rights

Interview Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare And Hillary Shakespeare (“Soundtrack To Sixteen”)

Our reporter Liselotte Vanophem had a chat with Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare, Hillary Shakespeare, the Shakespeare sisters, about their "Soundtrack to Sixteen", what it's like to make a movie, music and what their future plans are.