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The War Of The Worlds Episode 3

The Saga Continues

2nd December 2019

And so it was with some trepidation that I sat down to watch yet another episode of the BBC’s version of The War Of The Worlds. It hasn’t been exactly gripping me, but let’s give it a further chance.

As per usual, we are flicking back and forth between the ‘now’ and the ‘future’. George and Amy are together in the ‘now’, with Geroge’s brother Frederick, an old woman and a young girl.

They don’t realise they have found refuge in a building that contains one of the aliens. That is until it comes out to say hello, taking the old woman. As they attempt to make a run for it, another one appears and both Frederick and the young girl are also taken. I say taken, I mean eaten.

This, however, leaves one of the aliens in some pain, before it finally keels over and dies. The other, not looking to hot itself, hangs around, for reasons unknown, whilst George and Amy wait for it to die.

But it is touch and go as to who will die first; the alien, or George, as he’s not looking so good himself, coughing and muttering, struck with typhoid. He, eventually, decides to sacrifice himself to let Amy and his unborn child escape.

Meanwhile, in the future, they talk of the ‘cursed weed’ and the fact that it can’t grow on sacred grounds, church yards and burial grounds are ‘weed free’.

Together, Amy and Ogilvy test various diseases on some weed they find to try and prove their conjecture that it is a virus that has killed the aliens, not man.

They narrow it down to typhoid, but the leader of the camp they are in isn’t having any of it. Even if they are correct, he doesn’t want to damage moral further by saying, “actually chaps, wasn’t you that defeated the aliens, but a virus”.

I think, dear readers, this may be the final episode of The War Of The Worlds that we will watch. It isn’t good. It is far too slow, even when the aliens appeared, any they looked decent, the excitement didn’t ramp up by much. It’s all a bit, flat, stale. It has all the excitement of watching the UK’s political candidates ‘debate’, that is to say, none.



1st December 2019

Craig Viveiros

Peter Harness

Running Time:

After the 'victory', the true story of what happened is revealed.

Craig Viveiros, Eleanor Tomlinson, Jonathan Aris, Peter Harness, Rafe Spall, Robert Carlyle, Rupert Graves


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