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Perpetual Grace, LTD – Episode 3 & 4, Felipe G. Usted. Almost First Mexican On The Moon. Parts 1 & 2

Do You Have A Degree In Moon?

5th February 2020

These two episodes, part of one really, are perhaps the weakest we’ve seen so far. This is because they don’t have the same pop and zing of the first two, although the laughs are plenty thanks to Glenn Pirdoo, Dash Williams, and his naivety.

We see Pa escape from Hector, leaving bodily parts behind, and hightail it to a phone booth and calls a mysterious person, asking them not release the “De Loash”, “I’ll have your money”, he’s told it’s too late. Then we see Donald DeLoash, Timothy Spall (“Early Man”, “The Party”), being released from prison in Yorkshire, England.

The next time we see DeLoash, he’s listing the many, many crimes he’s committed and applying for a passport so that he can leave the UK, and head to the US to ‘meet an old friend from borstal’.

We are introduced to one of the only people who does actually know Paul Allen Brown by face, his uncle Dave, Kurtwood Smith (“Patriot (TV)”, “Agent Carter (TV)”).

Uncle Dave is a registered sex offender, though the backstory is heart breaking, Paul thinks it will be fine, as he’s only allowed as far as a toll booth from his halfway house. But uncle Dave doesn’t stick to his allowed route, he goes to the house.

Paul and James meanwhile, sit around trying to get James bit by a snake so he can be admitted to the emergency room and have his tag removed. When admitted, James meets New Leaf again and he informs him that he’s going to kill him when New Leaf’s own parents pass away “in a matter of days”.

James learns from Hector Pa has escaped and that James needs to get to Houston to meet Felipe Guillermo Usted, Efren Ramirez (“Crank 2: High Voltage”, “Endgame”), a coroner who is training to be an astronaut and that he’ll deal with Pa but also he needs the $2,000 deposited.

This means James has to bring in Glenn to help him deliver the money in Mexico, whilst he goes to Houston. It’s these scenes, James explaining what he needs Glenn to do, as well as many, many other things about life, and the moon, that work best.

Splitting this episode into two has made it feel like the weakest two episodes thus far. It’s still wonderfully directed, wonderfully acted, but the pair of them feel like a large transition piece and it feels a long winded way to get to wherever we are going.

We will, of course, stick with Perpetual Grace, LTD, but it needs to find its mojo back a little after these two episodes.



James Whitaker

Steve Conrad, James Whitaker, Stephen Hoey, Sean Hurley, Bruce Terris

Running Time:

Pa commandeers the ice-cream truck, as James provokes a rattlesnake encounter and Felipe undertakes astronaut training.

Ben Kingsley, Bruce Terris, Chris Conrad, Damon Herriman, Dash Williams, Jacki Weaver, James Whitaker, Jimmi Simpson, Kurtwood Smith, Luis Guzman, Sean Hurley, Stephen Hoey, Steve Conrad

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