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Perpetual Grace, LTD – Episode 2, Orphan Comb Death Fight

Thumb In A Can

4th February 2020

Jimmi finds himself in a prison, with a shirtless man with Paul Allen Brown tattooed across his chest. Meanwhile Hector begins to transport Pa to a maximum security prison, but Pa is working mind games on Pa, and they’re working.

New Leaf, Chris Conrad (“Patriot (TV)”, “Option Zero”), also knows Pa, he’s worked with him, or rather Pa has helped New Leaf get better after his spell in jail for shooting a man.

Pa meanwhile continues to work on Hector, calling him fatty, telling him he’s balding and constantly badgering him. Pa’s magic works, he always manages to get Hector to give him what he wants, in this instance, a beer. But it’s not the beer he really wants, it’s, well, you need to see it.

Jimmi needs to get some more money to Hector, who is annoyed at having this dangerous old guy, but he can’t leave as he’s now tagged. He turns to his young friend Glenn Pirdoo, Dash Williams (“Fresh Off The Boat (TV)”, “Suburbicon”), a kid who runs a local pawn shop for his dad, a kid who Jimmi bashed over the head whilst robbing him and now feels guilty as light and words hurt his head.

Walker questions Jimmi about a young girl who was found murdered, Paul Allen Brown is suspect number one, or as Walker puts it, a person of interest. Jimmi walks out saying he needs time to think, he needs to sort out the death of his parents first. Walker lets him go, but puts a tag on him first.

Paul Allen Brown convinces Jimmi he didn’t hurt the girl, that he was actually teaching her magic and she must have pushed things too far. Jimmi, though reluctant, seems to agree.

We also meet Scotty Sholes, Hana Mae Lee (“The Babysitter”, “Patriot (TV)”), the custodian of the church. She informs Jimmi that the dissolving of the LTD company will take 90 days, not the two weeks they planned on.

It’s another fantastically strong showing for this series, just two episodes in and I’m hooked. I’m struggling for negatives, I guess one is that the opening credits don’t quite match the tone of the show, but, meh, who cares!

Conrad continues to shine in the directors’ chair, in this episode there’s a great scene where he splits the screen, whilst Hector and Pa are talking. Pa on one side, Hector on the other, beers in the middle, whilst Pa works his magic on Hector. It’s wonderfully done, beers front and centre, Pa’s desire.

Perpetual Grace, LTD is frenetic, there’s a lot going on, but that means it’s never dull, and it’s never at the expense of story, or knowing what’s going on or who’s who. It’s wonderfully written, wonderfully directed and everyone continues to shine, let’s just hope they can continue for the entire series!



Steve Conrad

Steve Conrad, Bruce Terris, Stephen Hoey, Sean Hurley

Running Time:

Pa plots his escape from Hector, whilst Jimmi tries to make sense of the circumstance he's now found himself in.

Ben Kingsley, Bruce Terris, Chris Conrad, Damon Herriman, Hana Mae Lee, Jacki Weaver, Jimmi Simpson, Luis Guzman, Sean Hurley, Stephen Hoey, Steve Conrad

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