The War Of The Worlds Episode 2

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25th November 2019

As we open episode two with a recap of what went on in episode one (does anyone ever really need that?), we begin with George, Rafe Spall (“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom“, “Swallows And Amazons”), as he begins the search for Amy, Eleanor Tomlinson (“Poldark (TV)”, “Colette“), who is also searching for him.

Amy is with George’s brother Frederick, Rupert Graves (“Sherlock (TV)”, “Last Tango In Halifax (TV)”), in London whilst George is forcibly conscripted, by an army fellow with a gun, whilst still in Woking.

This rag-tag bunch of army people, and George, trundle to the nearest sphere they can find and shoot some cannons at it. When that doesn’t work and the sphere begins spinning, they fire everything they’ve got and yet nothing works. Until another cannon shot is unloaded and the sphere disintegrates.

They think they’ve won, they believe they’ve destroyed it, we know different and when a few of the big tripods turn up and begin blasting people to smithereens, it’s pretty much immaterial. Though how George escapes, running very slowly through a bog, whilst trained soldiers, some of whom are much further away and also running away, are killed is a mystery to which we’ll never receive an answer.

Anyway, that’s all going on whilst the tripods have made it to London and begin emitting a strange black cloud which seems to take over the Earth and kill anyone who breathes it in.

In the future meanwhile, we get to see more of the story that is being told as to how the aliens have been killed. By jolly good British brute force, hzah, what-what. Though Amy begins to speculate that may not have been the case.

Ogilvy, Robert Carlyle (“Yesterday“, “Once Upon A Time (TV)”), also reappears, in the future, and cheerfully points out that the Earth looks more Mars like than ever before, have we really won, he cheerfully ponders.

It’s hard to say that episode two has persuaded me any further that this version of The War Of The Worlds is going to be one that has me gripped from start to finish. I’m already feeling underwhelmed and wouldn’t be that bothered if I didn’t watch it again. I will though, just for you dear readers, just for you.

This episode meanwhile gets a ‘meh’ rating. We live in hope future ones will be further up the scale.

George searches for Amy at home but is forcibly conscripted, while Amy and Fred realize their best option is the coast.

24th November 2019

Craig Viveiros

Peter Harness

Running Time:

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