Star Trek: Picard – Broken Pieces, Episode 8

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12th March 2020

Now We're Getting Somewhere

We begin episode eight with a flashback to some 14 years ago when members of the Zhat Vash are stood around what appears to be a glowing table on a strange pool of water.

We see Narissa, Peyton List (“Gotham (TV)”, “Colony (TV)”), Commodore Oh and Ramdha, Rebecca Wisocky (“The Mentalist (TV)”, “Heathers (TV)”), who turns out to be Auntie to Narissa.

As they all stand around in a circle, their backs to this glowing table-thing, Commodore Oh walks around explaining that they need to see what they are about to see but it may send some of the mad. It does, which explains Ramdha, but Narissa seems immune to it. Also, no-one looks any younger, maybe that’s a bonus of being in the Zhat Vash.

Anyway, Picard and Soji are now back on-board Rios’ ship but he acts all weird when he sees Soji. He activates the many holograms, all him, and escapes to his quarters to drink, a lot.

Raffi tries to peace it all together; what has Rios spooked, what does the ‘eight’ mean from Zhat Vash folklore.

Back on the Borg Cube, Elnor is up against it and is almost captured but, at the last minute, is rescued by none other than Seven Of Nine who blasts her way back into proceedings.

The pair need to escape from the cube but come up with an alternative plan which is for Seven to take the place of the Queen and use the remaining assimilated Borg against the remaining Romulans.

Back on-board Rios’ ship and Jurati is oh so apologetic that she’s been killing people and working with the Romulans. Between what she knows, what Soji remembers and what Raffi has pieced together, they manage to make sense of proceedings and set course for Soji’s home world.

There’s a lot going on in episode eight, as you may be able to tell, which only begs the question why some earlier episodes seemed so lacking.

It’s good, it has humour and a bit of action though it continues to feel like it is building and building and building, we are eight episodes in to a ten episode series, you’d expect things to have been built already.

Apparently, they aren’t, and so we wait with bated breath for next weeks episode, the first of a two-parter, which will hopefully be the culmination of events we’ve all been waiting for.

Picard realizes how far some will go to protect secrets that go back generations when truths about the attack on Mars are revealed

13th March 2020

Maja Vrvilo

Michael Chabon

Running Time:

Tessingtons - Purveyors of Fine Teas

“Star Trek: Picard – Broken Pieces, Episode 8” Conversation

  1. Brett Spike Harrison says:

    –comment moderated by admin–

    The biggest reveals to me in the episode were (a) that Raffi somehow randomly chose as her unlicensed starship captain is, amazingly, the only (surviving man) in the universe who has encountered that ancient race of synths that the Romulans are so afraid of (that’s a helluva a coincidence, even for TV, not to mention totally unnecessary to the plot), and (b) that this TV series has shamelessly stolen the plot of the Mass Effect computer game series. Remarkable. Call the lawyers.

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