Snowpiercer – Episode 6

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10th May 2020

Trouble Comes Sideways

Back in episode four the more eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that, when Eric was holding Jinju (Park) hostage, rather than shooting her, he shot some part of the train, with a wry smile on his face.

Well, whatever it was that he shot, has finally come back round to pay-off, some two episodes later, as an electrical issue threatens the whole train.

As if that wasn’t enough, Melanie (Connelly) also has to try and squash a potential strike from the people in third, she threatens them with being swapped for some tailies.

As if that wasn’t enough, Andre (Diggs) and Josie (McGuinness) are taken in by the good doctor Pelton, Karin Konoval (“The Good Doctor (TV)”, “War For The Planet Of The Apes”), where they learn that there are a total of 11 cars full of draws for ‘god knows’ what reason.

She has also discovered that some passengers have a red cross in their file, she speculates this is an ‘enemy of the state’ mark, a blacklist and Andre and Josie are on it, as is the doctor.

Andre manages to evade Josie and goes on the hunt for Melanie down in the underbelly of the train. He has a scalpel and will use it, or will he? No, he will.

Engineering are down in the underbelly, attempting to fix the stuck brake that the electrical issue has caused. But when this escalates, someone must go outside, and only Melanie, being the designer of the train we learn, knows how to do it (that ‘it’ is plugging a cable in, but, whatever).

Before Melanie reaches engineering however, she is ambushed by Andre, which is some going for a 1,001 car train to track someone down, but he doesn’t kill her and she tells him that the draws aren’t a prison, but a last chance, the only way out if things fail, to put everyone in stasis.

Melanie then has to crack-on as the train is in peril and heading towards a canyon that, if these carriages reach it, will derail the whole thing. This sparks, excuse the pun, the most eye-roll inducing moment we’ve seen of the entire series thus far as Melanie must reach the cable as Bennett (Goldberg), counts down. She does it, naturally, with seconds to spare.

In other news, Bess (Sumner) finds Osweiller (Otto), and he sets about making her uncomfortable and threatening to tell everyone what she did. But, as the train enters its peril moment, she talks him out if.

As the episode reaches its end, we see that Melanie has taken a shine to young wanna-be engineer Miles (Fletcher), she gives him a gift, and the episode ends with her telling him that Mr. Wilford wants a favour in return.

Helen Shaver (“Vikings (TV)”, “Orphan Black (TV)”) takes directorial duties whilst writing is by Aubrey Nealon (“Orphan Black (TV)”, “Cardinal (TV)”) and Tina de la Torre.

Whilst there’s lot crammed in, so in that regard it is business as usual, it is the most ‘Hollywood’ of episodes and that’s not a good thing.

Back in the 1,001 cars rotating the Earth that is Snowpiercer and Layton is out and about once more, whilst Melanie must save the train from certain doom.

21st June 2020

Helen Shaver

Aubrey Nealon, Tina de la Torre

Running Time:

Tessingtons - Purveyors of Fine Teas

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