Snowpiercer – Episode 4

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10th May 2020

Without Their Maker

We hop on the good train Snowpiercer for episode four, and, now that we know Nikki (Arthur) is dead and we know the killer is the security man Eric, Dylan Schmid (“Shut Eye (TV)”, “Disorder (Short)”), we need Andre (Diggs) to catchup.

Because the fight night turned into a mass brawl, the doors between each class were locked down, so Melanie (Connelly) says the killer must still be in third class. Two teams are sent out, front and rear, to sweep the cars.

Meanwhile, much to the disgust of everyone in first class, Melanie accompanies Andre to talk to those in first class to see if they can find the killer.

Whilst talking to first class, LJ Folger, Annalise Basso (“Ladyworld”, “Captain Fantastic”), says Eric didn’t come back last night and he has his gun.

Andre wants to see his quarters but Lilah Folger, Kerry O’Malley (“The Last Tycoon (TV)”, “Strange Angel (TV)”), demands to speak to Mr. Wilford.

Melanie calls the driver, Bennett, Iddo Goldberg (“Driven”, “Salem (TV)”), pretending to have a conversation with Wilford, she goes to hand the phone to Lilah, who decides to change her mind and allow Andre in, providing Melanie accompanies him.

It doesn’t take Andre long to realise that the relationship between LJ and Eric isn’t just professional, something confirmed by the parents. He also realises that, whilst it may have been Eric doing the killing, he was merely doing as LJ wanted.

Andre and LJ reach an agreement; he won’t say anything in exchange for what he needs to help his people. But that’s not Andre and he shops LJ almost immediately, particularly once Eric has been killed attempting to get back to the front.

The workers from the tail, including Josie (McGuinness), attempt to get her further up train using the chip Andre gave her. She makes contact with a former tailie and asks her to make contact with Andre so they can all help each other.

But it isn’t long before the tailies receive news that, far from making contact, Andre has in fact, gone missing.

This time round it’s Frederick E.O. Toye (“Westworld (TV)”, “Watchmen (TV)”) who directs with Hiram Martinez (“Shut Eye (TV)”, “Get Shorty (Short)”) on writing duties.

It’s an interesting end to an early episode, seemingly side-lining our protagonist whilst simultaneously solving the murder we thought may rumble on…we shall have to wait and see what comes next.

Back on the good train Snowpiercer there's a twist in the murder investigation, but this may not be the worst thing that Layton is uncovering

7th June 2020

Frederick E.O. Toye

Hiram Martinez

Running Time:

Tessingtons - Purveyors of Fine Teas

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