Physical – Episode 5, Let’s Agree To Disagree

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7th June 2021

On The Tape

Sheila, Rose Byrne (“I Am Mother”, “Peter Rabbit”), decides to make a video of her doing some exercises as Tyler, Lou Taylor Pucci (“American Horror Story (TV)”, “A-X-L”), attempts to keep up.

However, after watching the footage back she isn’t happy with the results and also manages to discover video of Greta’s, Dierdre Friel (“New Amsterdam (TV)”, “Little Boxes”), husband rubbing the shaved heads of women who have just shaved their head on camera for him.

Danny, Rory Scovel (“Robbie (TV)”, “Harley Quinn (TV)”), meanwhile, is picking up his attempt to be elected and nabs an appearance on a political chat show but the guest he’s supposed to go up against drops out last minute.

So, Danny ends up facing John Breem, Paul Sparks (“House Of Cards (TV)”, “Waco (TV)”), the bad guy in all of this. The property developer who wants to change the face of the waterfront with condos and shopping malls.

Sheila fears the worst, her inner monologue goes into override, waiting for the car crash that’s about to happen. However, to her great surprise, it’s the exact opposite as Danny pulls it out of the bag.

This only serves to bring him to the forefront of those also running in the campaign though and one of the rivals runs an ad campaign smearing Danny’s exploits in the sixties, including his arrest.

Danny and his campaign manager Jerry, Geoffrey Arend (“Madam Secretary (TV)”, “Body Of Proof (TV)”), demand that Sheila come good on her promise of getting the videography involved, which is an issue, as he’s currently filming her on the beach with a stolen video camera!

There’s a definite decline on the old inner monologue with Physical, which is a shame as it is what made it stand out in the first place. That acerbic narrative Sheila has in her head feels missing, or certainly lighter than we originally had.

That said, with each episode being just around 30 minutes long, Physical still remains a fun watch.

Physical is the latest TV foray from Apple TV+, or whichever way round that is, and is from producer Annie Weisman who brought us “Desperate Housewives” and the “About A Boy” series.

Directorial duties go to Stephanie Laing (“I’m Sorry (TV)”, “Made For Love (TV)”) with Alexandra Cunningham (“Aquarius (TV)”, “Chance (TV)”), on writing duties.

Sheila, Rose Byrne, decides to make a video of her doing some exercises as Tyler, Lou Taylor Pucci, attempts to keep up.

18th June 2021

Stephanie Laing

Alexandra Cunningham

Running Time:

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