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19th June 2019

It's All In The Family

Somewhere in the quaint suburbs of Canada, a deep dark secret is kept. DISCLAIMER: the series “Fam Club”, which I am about to review, is a work of fiction, they characters portrayed in it are fictional.

Fam Club is a mockumentary style comedy series about Muriel Montgomery as Genevieve and Tony Tucker as Norman, the estranged Brother and Sister of the famous rapper Drake.

Dr. Thompson, played by Randolph Thompson, is a therapist Drake has hired to give home care for this brother and sister, which is a branch of the family tree he wants to keep secret. It becomes clear early on that Dr. Thompson feels more like a babysitter with this gig.

When Dr. Thompson is asked to diagnose Genevieve and Norman, he replies “They’re just incredibly nerdy, decidedly overzealous in their adoration for their brother, but nothing clinically diagnosable.”

Humorous moments like this really struck a cord with me. Randolph Thompson is pitch perfect as the voice of reason among these manic musical progeny.

Our two leads, Montgomery and Tucker certainly transformed their image to give a comedic look to their characters. Genevieve has big bushy eyebrows, the likes of which would impress Groucho Marx. While Norman has quite a head turning haircut. Not subtle at all, which is perfect for these two.

I should note I only have a peripheral knowledge of Drake. Thankfully, the creators of this series made Fam Club a comedy anyone could enjoy. Drake after all, is at a celebrity status. The show plays to that fact. Celebrity being an unseen character in the room. In some cases it is seen, through the artist’s renderings these siblings lovingly make of their brother.

The style of Fam Club is fast and loose, reminiscent of Parks and Recreation. It must be noted that in true indie style Muriel Montgomery not only stars in Fam Club, she is also the editor, one of the writers and creators. Nick Casalini, the director of the series is also a writer and creator.

The first season of Fam Club has eight episodes. The first two episodes of the series will screen at the 2019 Dances With Films Fest, on June 22nd.

They are part of the “Dances With Pilots” series block at the festival, which starts at 6:15pm. These first two episodes are what I watched. I spent most of that 14 minute run time laughing, so I hope you will receive it the same way. Fam Club moves at a steady pace and will deliver laughs to your face.

Somewhere in a Canadian suburb, the superstar Drake hides his deepest secret: his brother and sister.

22nd June 2019

Nick Casalini

Muriel Montgomery, Nick Casalini

Running Time:
14 Min

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