Devs, Episode 1.4

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18th April 2020

We join Forrest (Offerman) who is watching the future on his machine, against the rules, Katie (Pill) knows, tells him he shouldn’t. The image is of Lily crawling on her stomach, Katie says it’s 48-hours in the future.

Forrest wavers, unsure if the future is fixed, Katie isn’t, she believes the ‘tramlines are in place, fixed’, the future is set, Lily will die.

Kenton  (Grenier) comes to Lily’s house to take her to a psychiatrist appointment. She doesn’t want to go but is convinced, perhaps scared, into going.

When they arrive it transpires Kenton has bribed the psychiatrist, who tells him; she’s highly intelligent and is faking the whole thing. Kenton decides to take her to be sectioned, get her out of the way, but Lily realises what’s really going on and grabs the steering wheel and crashes the car.

Back in Devs and Lyndon (Spaeny) has become sick of listening to white noise all day. His job is to ensure that when Devs is fully up and running, they don’t just see what they want, but also hear it.

On a whim, he decides to swap out the current theory they are using, to a multi-universe one. This works better than anyone could have hoped. They hear voices, crystal clear, they hear Jesus talking.

Whilst everyone is over the moon, Forrest is not. He doesn’t like that Lyndon has swapped theories, whilst it’s Jesus, it could be any Jesus from any of the multi-verses and that’s not what he wants. He fires Lyndon, giving him a $10million payoff.

Katie isn’t happy with Forrest. She takes Lyndon’s work that he’s done with the sound and applies it to the light waves. It works in the same way, what was previously funny video becomes crystal clear. She leaves Forrest in the viewing room watching his daughter on screen.

Meanwhile Lily makes it back to James’s place and immediately phones the police. When they arrive, tailed by the psychiatrist and Kenton, they arrest her and section her.

Garland continues to flip us this way and that, you think you know where he’s going, but is he? It feels like he’s shown his hand early and more is coming. Even if it isn’t, Devs is a visual and auditory feast.

After Lily's behavior at Amaya, Kenton forces her to see a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, the Devs team disagree over the ethics of their invention

23rd April 2020

Alex Garland

Alex Garland

Running Time:

Tessingtons - Purveyors of Fine Teas

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