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The Flood: First Poster And Trailer Released

Movie Set To Be Released 21st June 2019

23rd May 2019

Wonderful news for director Anthony Woodley (“Dead Dog”, “The Interrogator”). The first trailer and poster for his newest film “The Flood” have been released.

In the movie, we follow refugee Haile on his extraordinary 5000-kilometer journey to find safety and shelter in the UK.

He has to conquer oceans, has to make his way across the borders and has to survive the Calais Jungle. The feature will be released on the 21st of June in the UK cinemas and will available on video on demand as well.

However, if you can’t wait until the day of the release, you’re in luck. Curzon Artificial Eye is organizing a special event screening on the 17th of June.

More details about the event will follow but put it already down in your diary. It’s not a coincidence that the film will be released at the end of June.

The day before the release, on the 20th of June, it’s World Refugee Day and during the making of this film, director Anthony Woodley, writer Helen Kingston, and producer Luke Healy went to the Calais jungle to volunteer and to witness at first hand what’s going on there.

With this film, they wanted to truthfully represent the life of a refugee and at the same time, it’s also a thoughtful and timely reflection on humanity within the refugee crisis. It was also announced that Curzon will work together with UNHRC to promote awareness around this topic.

“The Flood” is directed by Anthony Woodley and is starring Lena Headey (“Game Of Thrones”, “Dredd”), Iain Glen (“Game Of Thrones”, “Resident Evil”), Ivanno Jeremiah (“Humans”) and Arsher Ali (“Informer”, “The Ritual”).


A hardened immigration officer decides the fate of a dangerous asylum seeker.

Anthony Woodley, Arsher Ali, Helen Kingston

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