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Sulpher And White Trailer

28th January 2020

From writer Susie Farrell, who you will know from Dirty God, comes Sulpher And White.

Directed by Julian Jarrold (“Electric Dreams (TV)”, “The Crown (TV)”) and starring Mark Stanley (“Dark River”, “Game Of Thrones (TV)”), Emily Beecham (“Little Joe”, “Daphne”), Dougray Scott (“Ever After”, “Mission: Impossible 2”) and Anna Friel (“Limitless“, “The Look of Love”), Sulpher And White is out in March 2020.


We all carry secrets. David carries his and they eat away at his soul. With ruthless determination, he builds a successful career in the relentless world of financial trading, but as he climbs the corporate ladder, his past threatens to rise up and engulf him

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