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Thank you for your interest in us reviewing your movie, documentary, series or short film (media).

Before you proceed, please ensure you have read the below and fully understand before proceeding:

The small text:

  1. By submitting the completed form below you are providing a team member, or more, of OC Movies, TV & Streaming permission to access and view the media submitted.
  2. Reviews can take some time, you are free to submit an ideal date that you wish the review to be completed but we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to adhere to it. We will however, adhere to any embargo dates you provide, if not provided we will publish and promote the review as soon as it is complete.
  3. You acknowledge that the media you are submitting is yours or you have permission from the copyright owners to submit the media for review.
  4. Please be aware that OC Movies, TV & Streaming is staffed by volunteers, as such we are not always able to review every piece of media we receive. We always do our best to review everything but, at times, that is simply not possible. Do not take this as a snub or that we did not like your media, it is simply a matter of hours in the day and having an actual life.
  5. You acknowledge that you are submitting the media for review and this could mean a review you may not be happy with. OC Movies, TV & Streaming will not change or edit reviews once published, other than to fix spelling mistakes or factual errors (such as character names, actors names).

Overall, you should be sure you are happy to receive a review of your media, regardless of your interpretation of that review being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Reviews are opinion alone and should be taken as such.

    Please provide a link to at least one image we can use in the review, it should be at least 1000 pixels square.

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