Wonderland Episode 1 – Miranda

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11th December 2019

Writer and director Romeo Ortiz sent us the first of his latest mini-series Wonderland, which begins with Miranda, the story of a woman whose own paintings come to life.

Lani Martinez (“Delirium (Short)”, “In The Dark (Short)”) plays the titular character and, from looks alone, she gets an A+. She looks arty and Ortiz’s use of the camera, playing with space and light, adds to the whole arthouse feel of the episode.

It is however, completely and utterly bizarre. You know so little about the protagonist that it is hard to understand what’s actually happening. For all intense and purposes, she’s having a mental breakdown.

Had we not been provided a brief synopsis we would have said this is a film about mental health or drugs, not some fantasy land where paintings come to life to ask for help from the very person who painted them in the first place.

It’s made on a budget, and that shows, but there’s genuine craft here with Ortiz showing us his arty style and Martinez showing us she’s able to carry an entire short film.

Miranda watches her paintings come to life as they hijack her summer to warn her of an unknown evil that approaches

Romeo Ortiz

Romeo Ortiz

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