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12th April 2020

Chapter 1

A man receives a parcel on his doorstep, opening it he finds an old, leather bound book. Thumbing through it there are some strange words, mixed in with English, and some demonic looking drawings.

Freaked out by the book, he tries to tear it up, but can’t, then tries to set fire to it, but it won’t burn. The next thing one of his doors begins opening and he pushes back against some silent force before it vanishes.

Checking his apartment, he doesn’t see anything else but then hears a noise as his window opens. Closing it, he turns around to see a demonic figure rush towards him.

Wicca Book has a couple of interesting jumps in it, but it’s hard to tell much from just over 20 minutes when this first part is so obviously setting things up.

It’s a short, it may make you jump, you may want to see more, personally I wasn’t that taken with it. It felt like it was going to follow so many horror tropes that have gone before.

This is a story about Wicca book. The book which devil plagued mankind with suffering. The all-powerful book of the Witches. But wherever there was evil, wherever an innocent would suffer, there would be Mia.

Vahagn Karapetyan

Vahagn Karapetyan

Running Time:

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