Vesper Short Review

Eerie French Ghosts

Something eerie is afoot in Vesper—a French psychological thriller by 18 year old Director Keyvan Sheikhalishahi.

Marge Ofenbey, Agnès Godey (Le Prochain (Short), Angry Ray (Short)) is a widow who has fled her late husband. Too afraid to leave her home, her husband’s ghost haunts her with persistent letters and his ominous presence.

Paranoid and fearing for her life, her nephew Christian, Sheikhalishahi himself, boards a plane and arrives to comfort her. Christian is a budding astrologist and is partially sighted—a fact which is later revealed to be integral to the story.

German actor Götz Otto, better known for roles in Tomorrow Never Dies and Schindler’s List, plays Walter, the rather large but not especially terrifying husband back from the dead. He appears at staircases and meanders into the lounge from time to time. He even makes Marge a cup of tea. There’s nothing unsettling about him, really.

The fact that the film is in French is a virtue, at least. In English some of the lines may actually have been laughable. The French language is beautiful enough for the writing and Sheikhalishahi’s own delivery to be at times passable.

It’s a stargazer ghost story with very little aligned. As a piece of technical filmmaking it’s a commendable effort for such a young director. There is promise in his work, but Sheikhalishahi’s starry themed thriller never really takes hold.

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