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11th December 2019

A man, Roger Carvalho (“The Manson Family Massacre”, “Kosmos (TV)”), attends a job interview. He doesn’t seem right for the position, he’s been ‘idle’ for the last three years, sorry, he’s been writing for the last three years, which is very different from the career in finance he’s currently applying for.

Towards the end of the interview, Carvalho takes out a figure and places it on the table. As the exasperated interviewer, Stephen T Box (“Darkest Hour”, “Piranaha (Short)”), reaches the bottom of the mans CV he sees he’s currently writing something called UNSKIN.

He asks what that his, and Carvalho begins to tell a tale of a being from another planet, who visits Earth to study, understand, but doesn’t like what he finds, he’s disappointed.

He goes around and takes people to a mysterious place and controls them via dance. Box is unmoved by the story and tells Carvalho as much. Carvalho is moved to inform him that change is coming, he can be part of it, or against it.

Unskin is from the mind of Elcid Asaei (“Think (Short)”, “Sun Up Sun Down (Short)”), who writes and directs. It’s a well made short film that shows a lot of promise.

I’ll be completely honest and say the dancing part wasn’t quite up my street and I didn’t fully understand or appreciate what was meant to be occurring there, but I could still appreciate it for it is well shot and stylised.

Unskin shows a lot of promise, both visually and on the story telling front. It could do with putting its best foot in either the horror or drama camp, but I can see that it would work in either and work well.

In a materialistic world of artificial identities, a storyteller unleashes a mysterious godlike being who abducts alienated mortals and leads them through dance to shed their artificial masks and embrace each other's common humanity

Elcid Asaei

Elcid Asaei

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