Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times

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8th September 2018

Do I Know You?

Sargon Yelda (“Spectre“, “Strike (TV)”) is Samir, a businessman who is at a cash machine in London. Behind him arrives Alistair, Laurence Spellman (“Ready Player One“, “Fury”), looking a bit thuggish, he proceeds to huff and puff before telling Samir if he’s looking for the Arabic text he should go back a screen.

This is meeting number two and over the course of the next 12 minutes, Markou takes the two men on a journey through time as they meet at various times over the years.

It’s fair to say Alistair has the rough end of things, ending up homeless at one point, but it all comes back around as the men meet again and again at various points in their lives, each time, not quite remembering the last time they met.

It’s clear that Markou is trying to make a statement about prejudice and putting differences aside, I’m not sure that entirely works, but Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times is a lovely short story, well shot, well-acted and the idea is all heart.

Writer and director Marcus Markou leave's nothing to chance with the title of his latest short film, telling you exactly what happens just from reading it.

Marcus Markou

Marcus Markou

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