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12th September 2018

Stop Motion Animation At Its Complete Best

Two Balloons tells the tale of two lemurs on an adventure high in the clouds, living nice peaceful lives, until fate and bad weather thrusts them together.

It’s been five years since we last had anything from writer and director Mark C. Smith, that being A House, A Home in 2012 with Denmark coming prior to that in 2011.

What he’s been up to since then is anyone’s guess, but mine would be that he’s been honing his craft in stop motion animation. If this is true, it was well worth the wait.

Two Balloons is a beautiful, mesmerising short film. The level of detail with the models and sets are mind-blowing. You could watch this any number of times and still see things you missed first time round.

The story, which sees two lemurs in homemade hot air balloons, come across each other mid-sky right before a storm disrupts their genteel ways, is silent but stunningly, beautifully told.

Two Balloons is right up there with Wes Anderson and Aardman for it’s story-telling and look and feel and, what it lacks in the humour of those two, it more than makes up for with heart.

Two Balloons will lift your spirits and make you marvel at the wonders of stop motion animation

Mark C. Smith

Mark C. Smith

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Mark C. Smith

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