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Trophy Boy

1st July 2018

You’ve heard the term ‘trophy wife’, well here we have the male equivalent, a Trophy Boy.

James, Emrhys Cooper (Kushuthara: Pattern Of Love, Altered Perception), is a man living the good life. He’s a model, some-time actor, jet-setter and party boy. But that’s all he is. He has no education and no actual job.

Instead, his lifestyle is paid for by his boyfriend Mark, Gerald McCullouch (CSI (TV), Daddy), so when Mark has had enough and breaks up with James, he’s forced to move back to his small, run-down apartment in Queens.

But James wants to continue his old lifestyle, despite not having the means to be able to, and calls on his old friend Andy, Anthony Johnston (After Louie, Soft Like Me (Short)), to help.

Andy is, well, he’s a rent-boy for want of a better phrase. James calls him as Andy is dressed as a silver robot having sex with a strange man somewhere.

James takes Andy to a local plush bar to try and find his next sugar-daddy, someone who can pick up where Mark left off and pay for his lifestyle. That doesn’t go well and he is accused of being a prostitute.

Down on his look, fighting with the only friend he has and with no job or no money, James must take a long hard look at his life.

Cooper directs the short film and also co-wrote alongside Johnston. It’s not hard to see where the idea has come from given there are now so many of these people living their lives through social media, Twitter, Instagram etc, many of whom wouldn’t have a clue what to do if it ended tomorrow.

Trophy Boy is a nice take on the current state of affairs we find ourselves in though is lacking a pay-off somewhat, though given this is a short movie it can be tricky to cram everything in to just 13 minutes.

Both Cooper and Johnston perform admirably, for the most part the film belies it’s short-film and probably short-funded status, looking nice and expensive, though there are a few moments when it this façade drops.

Overall, Trophy Boy is a good short film that shows both Cooper and Johnston have abilities in the writing, acting and directing arenas.

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You've heard the term 'trophy wife', well here we have the male equivalent, a Trophy Boy.

Anthony Johnston, Emrhys Cooper, Gerald McCullouch

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