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10th January 2017

Security…With A Twist

Spanish writer and director Juanjo Gimenez (Tilt, Nitbus (Short)) is no stranger to short films, or even features for that matter, and he returns with his latest, Timecode.

Timecode has already been making waves by winning a multitude of film festivals including the Palme d’Or for Best Short Film at Cannes, nominated for best short film at the Goya Awards and shortlisted for both the Academy and European Academy Awards.

Timecode tells the story of Luna, played by Lali Ayguade (nominated as ‘Exceptional dancer’ in the 2010 Critics awards of London), who works a shift at a car park as a security guard. She shares this duty with Diego, played by Nicolas Ricchini (a freelance dancer trained in France), and they take turns every 12 hours to watch cars in a car park. Not to spoil it or give too much away, but let’s say that the pair find an interesting way to pass the time on their shifts by passing each other notes with Timecodes on them for the CCTV. What they get up to, will surprise you.

Gimenez has created something wonderful with Timecode. It will truly put a smile on your face, it’s a lovely film. What the pair get up to is fun but matters to them and Gimenez is a very talented director who gives us style and substance which only add to the movie. His use of the many screens of CCTV in certain scenes means you could watch this short time and time again and see different aspects of it each time. I loved it.

Spanish writer and director Juanjo Gimenez (Tilt, Nitbus (Short)) is no stranger to short films

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