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The President’s Visit

Land Of Soap And Glory

9th September 2018

What happens when a small, rural fishing village is informed that the president is about to come and pay a visit to a local store? The President’s Visit looks at just that.

In a small, rural fishing village, somewhere in Lebanon, Nino, Fouad Yammine (“Very Big Shot”, “The Insult”), runs a local soap making shop, selling mainly to the local fishermen who don’t appreciate his soap in the slightest.

As the president of the country embarks on a ‘cleaning up’ mission to rid the country of corruption, bribery and greed, what better metaphor than to purchase a lot of soap from a local business.

Nino receives a phone call from the office, informing him of the president’s visit and warning him not to tell anyone. So Nino immediately rushes out and tells his uncle David, Nicolas Daniel (“Scenario (TV)”, “Around The Pink House”), who, in turn, informs the whole village.

What promised to be Nino’s big chance, his big break, turns into a farce as all and sundry want in on the president’s visit and make to capitalise anyway they can.

The President’s Visit is directed by Cyril Aris (“Beirut, I Love You (TV)”, “Farewell (Short)”) who also co-wrote with Mounia Akl (“Beirut, I Love You (TV)”, “Christine (Short)”) who also plays Nino’s crush in the short.

It has an almost farcical comedy to it, quite British or Australian in its ways; a down-at-heel man, in a slump, funny little side-stories that crop-up, the whole soap thing to begin with. It reminded me of some of the classic comedies of yesteryear.

The setting is wonderful and Yammine plays the part perfectly, bumbling whenever he sees Akl, a mummy’s boy who wants the recognition for his soap.

The President’s Visit is a nice little comedy with a big heart.



Cyril Aris

Mounia Akl, Cyril Aris

Running Time:

The president is coming, the president is coming, but, will anyone be ready?

Cyril Aris, Fouad Yammine, Mounia Akl, Nicolas Daniel, Sihame Haddad

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