The Last Ferry From Grass Island

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13th April 2020

The Apprentice Is Sent After The Master

Hong Kong is made up of over 250 Islands, the last one, is Grass Island. On this small island is Ah Hoi, Tai-Bo, a former assassin now looking after his elderly mother, Ah Ma, Yee-Yee Yeung.

His peace is broken when Xiaoma, Yang Wang, turns up to kill her former master. What she finds is surprising though. This former killer, now living in a peaceful fishing village looking after an elderly woman.

He cooks his apprentice dinner, which she eventually eats after he shows her it isn’t poisoned. Once they’ve eaten, and washed up, it’s time, but he asks her not to do it here, he’s just washed the dishes.

The pair head out, Ah Hoi telling Ah Ma he’ll back shortly. Will he come back? If he does what of Xiaoma? If he doesn’t, what happens to Ah Ma?

The Last Ferry From Grass Island is the second short film from writer and director Linhan Zhang after 2018’s Dinner With Stranger.

It’s a lovely looking short film, everything feels slow and deliberate. From the old woman in a wheelchair watching Police Story (again), to the shots of food blowing in the wind.

In Tai-Bo, who played Lee, AKA Snake Eyes, in “Police Story”, Zhang has found a wizened looking master who appears ever part the former assassin.

Yang Wang (“Detective Chinatown (TV)”, “Unexpected Love”) meanwhile is young, fresh faced, determined to make her mark though you sense a certain reluctance to kill the man she calls Master.

A beautiful short film that does what we think a short film should do, leave you wanting to know more.

A Hong Kong hitman retires as a fisherman on the peaceful Grass Island. One day, his Chinese apprentice arrives, tasked to kill him before the last ferry departs.

Linhan Zhang

Linhan Zhang

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