Sorry, Not Sorry

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4th April 2019

That Was My Intention

Inspired by the poem “This Is Just To Say” by William Carlos Williams, Monique Sorgen (“Wardrobe Warriors (TV)”, “Pants On Fire (Short)”), has written and directed this delightfully, wicked short.

Harry, Wallace Langham (“Heathers (TV)”, “CSI (TV)”), lives in his humble home with his wife Abby, Jessica Oyelowo (“Sleepy Hallow”, “Alice In Wonderland”), and his loud and rude father, played by the wonderful M. Emmet Walsh (“Blade Runner”, “Critters”).

As Walsh shouts and shouts and shouts, all the while wanting attention, complaining about this and that, Harry and his wife Abby continuously miss each other as they leave for work or come home, communicating by leaving written messages on the fridge.

The problems begin when Harry, his father still shouting for attention, eats some cold, juicy plums from the fridge. Some cold, juicy plumbs that his wife had been saving, that would have been wonderful on this hot, sunny day.

He leaves her a note, asking for forgiveness, but also saying just how nice those plumbs were. When Abby sees the note, she loses it, and wrecks Harry’s kit-car in the garage.

Things escalate from there as the couple engage in a tit-for-tat war, with detailed message writing afterwards. Each deed getting worse than the last, until, well, until Harry gets exactly what he wanted.

Sorry, Not Sorry is a wonderfully dark-humoured, well-acted and well produced short film. It zips along, at just eight minutes, but wastes not one single second. An absolute delight.

A couple's oneupmanship reaches unbelievable heights after a man eats his wife's plums.

Monique Sorgen

Monique Sorgen

Running Time:
8 mins

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