Slapface [Short]

Monsters Are Real

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A boy deals with the loss of his mother by creating a relationship with a dangerous monster.

Jeremiah Kipp

Jeremiah Kipp

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Writer and director Jeremiah Kipp recently sent his new short film Slapface for review, an eight-minute proof-of-concept monster movie that has had the feature script optioned.

It’s not hard to see why when you watch this short eight-minute piece. The production is magnificent and some of the directing is gorgeous and the acting is great, although the slaps could be a little more convincing.

A boy, Joshua Kaufman (“Ceresia”, “Steel (Short)”), is wondering through the woods, shouting and screaming at the world. What he awakens is a monster, Lukas Hassel (“The Blacklist (TV)”, “Elementary (TV)”), instead.

The boy passes out and wakes in his garden, his father, Nick Gregory (“Good Bones”, “Blue Bloods (TV)”), shaking him awake.

Inside the house we learn that the boy’s mother has passed, leaving just the two of them, and a box of pills his father wants him to take. When the boy refuses, they play ‘the game’.

As the pair sit opposite each other at the dining table, they slap each other’s faces, the father egging his son on to hit harder and look at him. But the boy can’t, he’s more concerned by the monster behind his father, and what that monster might do.

Slapface is a fantastic proof-of-concept and, whilst it doesn’t give an awful lot away, it leaves you intrigued to see what the feature may turn out like.

Kipp directs beautifully, particularly the shots of the railway and the lighting around the dinner table. What you hope most though, is that the feature isn’t let down by budget, as we see quite a bit in monster movies. If Kipp can keep it looking as good as this, I’m sure he’s on to a winner.


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