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2nd December 2019

Two wanna-be gangsters, nothing more than teenagers, growing up in Mexico, near the border with the US. They like to drink, like to party and like to hustle.

Memo, David Gurrola (“Shameless (TV)”, “Insecure (TV)”) doesn’t go to school, his little brother does, but he does like a girl from school, Delia. Memo and his friend, Chango, Brian Gomez (“Kill Kapone”, “Ni-Ni (Short)”), help his ‘uncle’, Juan, Victor Boneva (“Brothers In Arms”, “Submit (Short)”), with some dodgy dealings that involve an American and them being blindfolded in the back of the pickup to be taken somewhere and do something.

Memo arranges to walk Delia, Fenessa Pineda (“Rambo: Last Blood”, “You, Me And Dupree”) to school one morning but he doesn’t show and she ends up being taken, kidnapped, which is common in the area. Delia’s grandmother, Josefa, Sophia Santi (“Dexter (TV)”, “Blackhat”), knows it’s Memo’s ‘uncle’, everyone seems to, but he won’t talk about it.

Memo wants her back, he offers Juan money, but he just laughs at him, and later kills his dog to tell him to shut up.

The film is dedicated to the thousands of women who have disappeared in Mexico, and the families who continue to look for them, and ends with a screen containing a list of some of the names they know who have vanished.

Jianna Maarten (“The Billboard Queen (Short)”, “Number 33 (Short)”) writes and directs this brilliantly captivating film. It is wonderfully written, wonderfully shot and very well acted by all involved. Passionate, hard-hitting, it’s one of those films whereby it is a tragedy it has to be made at all.

A young boy in a Mexican border town hustles any way he can to help his family but learns some very cruel realities when the girl he likes disappears. Based on true stories from La Frontera.

Jianna Maarten

Jianna Maarten

Running Time:
25 mins

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