Silent Ways

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13th April 2020


Writer, director and actress Lucy Vico sent us her short film Silent Ways to take a look at, and when we say short, we mean short, coming in at less than four minutes in all.

However, Silent Ways had me gripped, I was truly fascinated by it. It takes a few seconds to grasp what’s going on but when you do it is a work of genius.

In the opening scene we see Frank, Scott Alin (“Shameless (TV)”, “General Hospital (TV)”), and Georgie, Lucy herself, standing by the door to their apartment, Frank with bag on his shoulder, ready to depart.

What follows are a series of scenes that are shot in reverse, pieced together they show Frank and Georgie’s relationship going back to the beginning.

Meanwhile, voiceover from both Frank and Georgie reveal what they were thinking, what they wished they’d said to each other, this running the opposite direction.

It’s a fabulous piece of filmmaking, something I’ll be thinking about for a long time.

At the final moment of their dying relationship, Frank and Georgie go back to the beginning, realizing had they been truthful, things might've turned out differently

Lucy Vico

Lucy Vico

Running Time:

Lucy Vico, Scott Alin

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