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Cancer Can Do One!

14th March 2022

Scarlett, Casey Landman (“Casey (Short)”), is a young woman driving to the doctors with her father Travis Mitchell (“Reina (Short)”, “Numb (Short)”). She asks if they’re still going to get pizza, they are.

We see that she’s a happy young woman, joking around with her father. They get to the doctors and he examines her. Scarlett doesn’t say anything, it is dad who is listing all the things that have been wrong with her recently, including a lump that’s doubled in size since the first saw it.

The doctor asks to speak with dad alone and the next thing we see is Scarlett crying in the car, her father unsure what to do, or say.

Scarlett is diagnosed with cancer, something her father says runs in the family. Mother died from it and others have had it, a long list of people and disease.

She talks to her friend Olivia, Amna Vegha (“The Artistic Nude (Short)”), about it. Her friend has made her a playlist, something she can listen to whilst she’s getting her chemo. The playlist makes Scarlett laugh, a lot.

We see and hear about the various stages of the cancer as it begins to take hold: loss of hair, tingling body parts, food and drink tasting different, throwing up.

At one point she’s looking through old photographs and has a conversation with her mother, Jennifer Piech (“The Truth Hurts (TV)”, “To the Flame”), who tells her she’s young, she will beat it.

Scar is a wonderfully made short film, written and directed by Alison Hale and serves as her debut to the filmmaking world. As far as debuts go, this is a strong one.

The cinematography is wonderful, the scene of Scarlett and her father in the car is fantastic. We’re looking in from the outside, we can’t hear what they’re saying, their faces dimly illuminated by some unknown source within the car.

The scenes of Scarlett having her treatment have an eerie and mysterious feel to them. Is she imagining them? Is this her way of getting through the treatment? We’ll let you decide, everyone will, no doubt, have their own take.



Alison Hale

Alison Hale

Running Time:
17 mins

'Scar' is a short film about what it's like to be diagnosed with cancer as a teenager.

Alison Hale, Amna Vegha, Casey Landman, Jennifer Piech, Travis Mitchell

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