Sacred Hair (Short)

(Cheveux Sacres)

by OC Movies


A young boy with cancer finds out why a hijab wearing muslim woman hides her hair.

Mario Morin

Mario Morin

Running Time:


A young boy sits in the park with his mother, it looks like they are having a picnic. As a Jewish man walks past, the boy asks who is that? What are those things around his head?

His mother tells him they are ringlets and to do with the mans religion. She also expresses certain judgements against the Jewish people in Canada, which the boy finds astonishing.

When their conversation is interrupted by a phone call, the boy, Adam Lapointe (“Oliver (TV)”, “Fake Tattoos”), begins to play football with his friend who accidentally kicks the ball under some benches.

Sat alone on the bench is a Muslim women in full dress, close-by her two male friends talk vehemently about something and the two boys begin to speculate what they could be talking about, this mostly involves saying they look like terrorists plotting something.

Despite his best efforts, the boy can’t make his friend go and get the football and has to go on his own. He takes the chance to sit next to the woman and begin asking her about her hijab and other things.

Sacred Hair is just 13 minutes long and it’s always going to be difficult to make a statement piece at that length. Whilst we may learn, if you didn’t already know, why the hijab is worn, the film stops there.

What more first time producer, writer and director Mario Morin could have said in 13 minutes it is hard to say, and, despite the nice ‘reveal’ by the boy at the end, I’m unclear on what I’m meant to have taken away from the film.

Is Morin trying to change people’s attitudes towards religious symbols, asking people to be more tolerant? Or is the film purely about hair and the role it plays in our lives? I’m not sure. Still, it’s a nicely shot, well put together film otherwise.


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