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30th March 2020

A Dreary Rooftop

A man, Timothy J. Cox (“Beauty Queen”, “Doll It Up”), bumps into a musician, Rachel, Tatiana Borie, on the streets of x, cut to Brooklyn as she returns home briefly for a catch up with her friends, but has to leave almost immediately to go back on tour.

Rachel struggles to leave though. She likes her friends, she likes Brooklyn and she really likes Margaret, Sloan Pirie.

To say Rooftops struggles with the most basic elements of filmmaking would be an understatement. The sound regularly switches from loud to struggling to hear it, either because it’s suddenly gone quiet or there’s so much wind noise you can’t hear anything else.

But the biggest failing has to be the complete lack of story. The opening scene feels completely random, whilst the rest is like watching a student home video of someone returning home after an absence and it all being a bit deflating. Not the best.

A touring musician returns home to spend time with old friends and an old flame for a day.

Tessingtons - Purveyors of Fine Teas

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