Rain Catcher

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25th March 2019

A Dark, Thrilling & Captivating Film At Its Best

“Pics or it didn’t happen”. We’ve heard and used that catchphrase more than once for sure. Whether it’s from a birthday party, a wedding or just a fun day out with friends, there has to be a least one photograph that captures the hilarious moments.

Watching the photos is re-living the moments but what if there’s something or someone on those pictures that shouldn’t be there? What if that wonderful time is about to turn into a nightmare? Then you get “Rain Catcher”, another thrilling short movie made by co-writer/director Michele Fiascaris (“Made in Italy”, “Fat Cat”).

St. Pancras. Just like every day, it’s one of the busiest hubs for travelling passengers and today is no different. Or is it? While innocent people are seen boarding the last train, a shady figure dressed in a dark hoodie is taking pictures of them. Do they have to fear their lives? Maybe. Maybe not.

We follow that young photographer, just known as Rain Catcher (Dudley O’Shaughnessy), back to his place near the notorious Barbican estate. What we encounter there is much, much more… innocent. As a newbie in town, he just seems to combine his love for photography and the city. While looking back at his wonderful work, Rain Catcher suddenly notices a mysterious and sinister man appearing in all his photographs, always staring right into the camera. Who’s this man, what does he want and why does he keep following Rain Catcher? And what are those mysterious “X”‘s on the ground all over London?

“Rain Catcher” kicks off with a dark, mysterious and cryptic scene and that’s the vibe the whole film will have. It’s one of the reasons why this film is so compelling. At the start, you might think that Rain Catcher is up to no good but that idea will change while the movie develops.

Don’t get us started on that unexpected but clever twist right at the end. We hope that director Michele Fiascaris develops this short film into a full feature film as we definitely want to know more about it.

When you make a film with only three (and a glimpse of a fourth) cast members, the chemistry between them needs to be flawless. Especially when this movie focusses particularly on human emotions instead of dialogue. So congratulations to the casting team of “Rain Catcher” because they made sure that that’s indeed the case.

Dudley O’Shaughnessy (“The Spoiler”, “White Colour Black”) is marvelous as Rain Catcher, the photographer whose passion becomes his horror. O’Shaughnessy makes sure that his character’s anxious, fearful but also determined and passionate side shine through. 

Rain Catcher isn’t the only secretive name in this film. The obscure man following Rain Catcher is only known as the Watcher because that’s exactly the only thing he does. Marcus Taylor (“Fat Cat”, “Heartless”), for whom this film is the third collaboration with director Michele Fiascaris, gives us the creeps in the finest way possible with his cold and stoic look.

The only character who’s been given a real name is Amelia, Rain Catcher’s neighbour. While she seems nice and friendly as first helping him out, she might have a darker personality than expected. A personality that’s being brought to screen skilfully by Jo Hartley (“Eddie the Eagle”, “Slaughterhouse Rulez”).

What also “rulez” is the cinematography. It’s clear that cinematographer Evgeny Sinelnikov (“Left, Right?”, “Made in Italy”) and co-writer/director Michele Fiascaris have already work multiple times together as the Sinelnikov’s dark, mysterious and dim fits perfectly with Fiascaris’ storyline.

However, the element that keeps this whole film together is the music. There’s almost no scene without a score and that’s what brings the very captivating vibe to the screen. Sometimes bombastic, sometimes subtle but always frightening and daunting.

“Rain Catcher” has already been selected for film festival such as Bermuda International Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival and also the London Short Film Festival and on the 29th of March, the movie will have its North American premiere at the prestigious Cleveland International Film Festival.

It’s no wonder that the world is falling for this astonishing British short film. It’s a combination of a thrilling and fascinating story, impressive performances, gorgeous cinematography, and a breathtaking score. Go and watch this movie! Let’s just hope you’re not the one being watched…

Rain Catcher is a noir psychological thriller about a young photographer

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