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13th April 2020

Two best friends who’ve known each other since they were young, spend the day talking and philosophising about sexuality.

Both are straight, with one Jay, Justice Smith (“Pokémon Detective Pikachu”, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”), saying things are black and white and he knows he doesn’t like men.

The other, Alex, Graham Patrick Martin (“Two And A Half Men (TV)”, “The Girlfriend Experience (Short)”), we see talking to his girlfriend on the phone telling her how much he loves her.

As this goes on all day, the two men end up drunk and sitting outside playing backgammon, eventually Jay says, ‘let’s kiss’. Saying Alex has made some ‘compelling’ arguments, they decide to test it.

And so, the pair kiss. The aftermath of which is interrupted by Alex’s girlfriend ringing to see if she should cut her bangs. Alex gets her off the phone as quickly as he can and comes to sit back to the game of backgammon. The movie ends with Alex asking Jay if he ‘wants to go again’, but go at what?

Query is an interesting idea, it’s well shot and has the shortest cameo ever from Armie Hammer as a passing jogger.

However, I can’t say I was particularly keen to know more, I can’t say I was particularly enthralled by what I saw.

The official blurb says, “…best friends and roommates, challenge one another on their opinions of sexuality”. But it doesn’t feel like either is challenging the other, just that Alex talks about it, a lot, and Jay decides to give it a go.

Over the course of a day, Jay and Alex, roommates and best friends, spend their time verbally jousting over whether it’s instinct or social norms that drive their heterosexual proclivities.

Sophie Kargman

Ryan Farhoudi, Sophie Kargman

Running Time:

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