Psychic Murder Review

A Kooky Short Film

Quirky comedy drama and absurd prosthetic hand short, Psychic Murder is the self-satisfying creation of writer, director and editor Brandon Block’s exploratory imagination.

Will Bernish plays floppy haired Billy—the three fingered comic dressed in what looks like his dad’s suit. He’s on stage in an old ballroom and his gags are falling flat until quips about his birth defect strike a chord with the audience.

They’re loving it, and so is the mysterious scout watching on from the back. Things are looking up when Mickey Goldsmith, Timothy J. Cox (To Be Alone (Short), Here Lies Joe)  approaches Billy at the bar after the show and offers him a contract.

Before meeting Mickey, you’d be forgiven for thinking this film was about the marigold-made hands. But really, they’re just a distraction. Mickey Goldsmith is the crowning oddball in this bizarre little film of oddities. As a character, he’s a small, intense and slightly camp man with a geezer’s name. He’s at odds with his wife over an affair she had with someone Mickey used to represent and is on the hunt for a talent to replace his wife’s lover.

It’s difficult to know whether I missed the point of it all or whether there was ever a point to be missed. I suppose the beauty of a short film is that, good or bad, it’s over in a matter of minutes, not hours. Psychic Murder had just enough kooky drama to make this a perfectly watchable little film.

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