Post No Bills (Short)

Animation Never Looked So Good

by OC Movies


We have a new hero here at OC Movie Towers: Noodle Boy! He's the cutest, loveliest, sweetest thing we've seen on film since Wall-e.

Robin Hays, Andy Poon

Robin Hays

Running Time:
5 mins


We have a new hero here at OC Movie Towers: Noodle Boy! He’s the cutest, loveliest, sweetest thing we’ve seen on film since Wall-e.

Noodle Boy is the poster-boy, literally, for a local Cantonese restaurant. He whiles away his time jumping from his poster to a nearby one for coffee, all the while admiring Miss Fortune in the poster furthest away from him.

One day, a man arrives to paint over all of the posters and Noodle Boy must escape his own poster, and journey across the others, to reach Miss Fortune so the two can escape together.

Post No Bills is as short as short films can be, coming in at just under five minutes. But, it’s some of the best five minutes you’ll ever watch.

The animation is simply gorgeous, from the simple, line drawing of Noodle Boy, to the lifelike animation of the man threatening his existence. It all pops and sparkles on the screen, and this is before you get to the final pay-off which I won’t spoil.

Writer and director Robin Hays (Bug Hutch) and co-director Andy Poon (Blaze And The Monster Machines) have done what all good short films should do, leave you wanting to see more. In this case, so much more.

The film is near silent apart from some music and the occasional squeak and it’s all the better for it. It adds to the cuteness of the two characters and the animation shows you all the emotion Noodle Boy is going through perfectly.

I love Post No Bills, I love Noodle Boy, I want to see more please, so much more.


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