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24th May 2019

When The West Gets Weird

In the wild frontier that is the post me too landscape, female filmmakers are getting recognized more than ever before. Porch Light, a highly original short film by Writer/Director/Producer Julia Bergeron is the latest shining example of that.

Porch Light centers around two friends, Sam, played by Eddie King (“American Animals”) and Colton, portrayed by Steve Hofvendahl who’s wits are put to the test when Bandito Bob, an ornery stranger charges their front door like a wild man. I will not say more about the story to avoid spoiling this short for you.

What I can elaborate on is what makes this short such an original offering. Porch Light is a sure fire blend of a Western and a Comedy. A rare breed of story worth chasing down. This Western has a very modern twist to it as well. The tag line on the official website www.porchlightmovie.com eludes to this with “When the going gets tough, the tough get naked.” Also among the cast who bare all in their performances is Scott Bender as Aidan.

Porch Light stands out from the herd of short films by making good use of a sprawling, isolated location in Santa Clarita, California. The overall, look, sound and feel of this short, is that of quality. If Porch Light is meant as a show reel for Julia Bergeron and all involved, it succeeds. I can guarantee you this, from first to final frame, you will be surprised where this story ends up, and rustle up some laughs along the way.

This nine minute long short is in the middle of its festival run. You can see it at the 2019 Dances With Films Festival. Porch Light will play there as part of the Fusion Shorts block which starts at 5pm on June 18th.

When an armed intruder comes screaming an' hollering through the front door, what's a man gonna do? Blast him. But, it might end up costing him his favorite jeans.

9th March 2019

Julia Bergeron

Julia Bergeron

Running Time:
9 Minutes

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