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5th February 2020

An Arresting Comedy

The screener for Perps came right on time. I needed a good laugh, and it delivered. Perps came to my attention since it was written and directed by Alejandro Montoya Marín, the filmmaker behind Monday, which I was happy to write a review for. You can read that review for more background on the filmmaker, but now let’s talk about Perps.

This is a short about two stoner friends, played with conviction by Tamas Nadas and John Kaler (“The Walking Dead (TV)”). These two are in the wrong place, at the wrong time. It leads to them crossing paths with a police office who is out for revenge.

Kenneth McGlothin plays this cop who is inconsolable after his break up with wife, Maria. Let’s just say this has made the officer, not himself. He is willing to do anything to get his Maria back. The conflict and comedy only excels from that point on. I will not spoil things by going into details.

I will say, Perps is criminally funny. A more than promising follow up from Alejandro Montoya Marín and Kenneth McGlothin, after teaming up on the feature Monday. The look and feel perfectly supported the irreverent, comedic tone of this story. These actors and performances were in step with The Foot Fist Way, the break through Danny McBride movie.

Some of the many highlights included a hilarious montage and Lou Ferrigno (“The Incredible Hulk (TV)”, “Hercules”) in a role to remember.

Filmmaking is a team sport and in this case, Perps is a clear winner. The short moves at a quick pace, coming in just under ten minutes. Perps is set to premiere Feb, 16th, 2020 at the Santa Fe Film Festival. See this with a crowd, it will remind you how infectious laughter can be.

After getting caught smoking in public, two stoners must convince a grieving cop and his partner not to arrest them.

16th February 2020

Alejandro Montoya Marín

Alejandro Montoya Marín

Running Time:
10 minutes

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