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17th March 2019

The Perfect Party?

Peggy, Sarah Blackman (“Good Time Max”, “Brockmire (TV)”), is throwing a birthday party for her delightful, and perfect, eight-year-old son.

The party is, of course, perfect. A perfect bouncy council, a perfect bouncy house, a cake that’s made from organic everything and things no-one’s ever heard of but tastes, well, perfect.

The hostess is also perfect. Five kids in but she doesn’t look like she’s even had one. She smiles her gleaming white smile and swishes through the party looking like a Stepford Wife.

As the party-goers arrive with their own children, we hear their inner monologues; “wow, Peggy looks amazing”, “wow, five kids. Look at her”, “oh my god this party is amazing”, and so on and so on.

But we also hear their true feelings; “f*ck you Peggy”, being the most common one, from ‘friends’ of hers to the old lady who could be her mom or stepmom, no-one is really thrilled to be around this ‘perfect’ woman.

As the birthday boy begins to open his presents, this becomes more apparent. The adults have obviously bought the kid things they know Peggy will never let him have. A BB gun, Grand Theft Auto V video game, etc, etc.

But it’s when Peggy’s husband comes out with the final present that the cracks begin to show. He’s bought his son a cute, adorable little puppy dog. Everyone oohs and aahs and the boy is taken immediately.

I won’t spoil the ending as it’s just to funny, but let me say it involves a large bird, a giant dart, a fainting woman and general chaos at this perfect party. Will Peggy keep her cool, or will little miss perfect finally show she’s like the rest of us?

Writer and director Justin O’Neal Miller is better known for working in the art department on movies, having been art director on both Ant-Man and Baby Driver to name but two.

Peggy is a wonderfully produced short film, an elegant array of colours washes your eyes and the camera is kept fluid with long takes that give the short a wonderful feel.

The acting is superb throughout, from the jealous mothers to the stunned husbands, the kids very much taking a back seat here. Peggy is a delight from start to finish and had me laughing out loud as events unfolded.

Peggy's social graces are put to the test when she throws a birthday party for her eight-year-old son.

Justin O'Neal Miller

Justin O'Neal Miller

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