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I Am Pilate

A journalist is sent to the home of former district governor, but his routine obituary fact check reveals an extraordinary secret.

A Better You

In a dystopian neo-steampunk world, a shy young man named Douglas invests in "A Better You"

Home Movies

Home Movies is a heartfelt comedy about two adult siblings, Matt and Abby, cleaning out their late father's study.

A Vital Sign

A Vital Sign follows a unified group as they journey through the final chapter of their spiritual passage.


Lily grieves over her late fiancé, James - but below the surface, a darker story unfolds.


A touring musician returns home to spend time with old friends and an old flame for a day.

Faulty Roots

Lola, a young girl with depression, is told by her mother to do something productive during the long holidays.

The Girl With The Rivet Gun

Focusing on three women from vastly different backgrounds this film weaves together powerful moments from each of these Rosie's journeys of transformation


After getting caught smoking in public, two stoners must convince a grieving cop and his partner not to arrest them.


An exploration of guilt in the wake of a tragedy. Nightingale cross-cuts between three timelines to unravel the true nature of this horrible event

Raiders Of The Hidden Donald Trump Fetish Doll

An independent movie director in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign fends off a variety of malevolent individuals who seek to steal his ultimate crowdfunding perk - a Donald Trump fetish doll.

Once A Clown

In a universe where Clowns are an ethnic minority, recently divorced father-of-one Richard Plews battles against inequality and alcoholism.