Oni-gokko (Tag) (Short)

The Japanese Version Is Much More Painful

by OC Movies


Two sisters play a game of tag, which gets out of hand.

Shane Ryan

Shane Ryan

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If you want to get your feature film out in the world, quite often the best way is to make a short film of all of it, or part of it. Make something that stands out enough and you could be on to a winner.

Oni-gokko from writer and director Shane Ryan (“60 Seconds To Die”, “Paper Kids (Short)”) does just that. We learn little, but we learn enough about the game to know we want to see more.

Eri Akita and Mariko Wordell (“Yellow Tears”, “Woman Transformation”) are two sisters playing a painful game of tag with a razorblade. If that wasn’t enough, it appears that one of the sisters is playing for revenge.

She’s a ghost, or apparition of some sort, is she in her sister’s mind? She plays with her big sister’s head though, reminding her of some game they played when she was just six, some game that seemed to end fatally.

And now? Now she’s back, to remind her sister, to get her sister to prove that she cares, that she remembers, that she still thinks about her little sister.

It’s a wonderful premise for a movie and it’s a wonderfully made short film. It’s confusing to begin with, surreal, but it all comes together before going surreal once more.

The lighting is dark and mysterious before becoming bright, unusual for a horror premise, but it doesn’t detract from the scare, the thrill.

One minor detail however, apparently this short was made back in 2011 so it would seem we’re unlikely to get the full film which is a shame, a crying shame, as it’s a wonderful setup for some scary, revenge Japanese sister movie.


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