One Night In Hollywood

23rd October 2015

Part of the reason I don’t do anything with the scripts I write is because those people who I know that have done something with their scripts, or tried to, just describe a living hell. Endless meetings, promises that don’t happen and changes requested that make no sense.

It seems they’re not the only ones that have faced this problem as this short, One Night In Hollywood, shows. Written and directed by Sheri Sussman (one of the writers of MacArthur Park) the film stars Rick Peters (Dexter, Sue Thomas F.B. Eye) and Markus Reymann (Life In A Fishbowl), who also produces, as actor and writer respectively trying to get finance for their feature film.

The pair find a producer willing to give them complete creative control and money, in exchange for them killing a studio executive who has crossed him previously. This isn’t a problem for the pair, but finishing the script and agreeing on the ending…that’s a different story.

Scottish actor Ian Buchanan (Panic Room) plays Thomas the investor with Kyle Kaminsky playing the studio exec, briefly.

The film was created to show off the capabilities of the team who will be a part of the full movie One Week In Hollywood. The main feature has the same premise but a different plot and will have the same lead characters.

Based on the short that I was able to see I think the main feature sounds like it would be very hard to make…given its subject matter. We all remember the Down and Dirty Pictures book right? However the movie also sounds like the sort of dark comedy and satire that is right up my street. And who doesn’t like seeing actors sending themselves up like Rick Peters seems to enjoy doing here!

The Facebook page for One Night In Hollywood is here.

The film stars Rick Peters and Markus Reymann, who also produces, as actor and writer respectively trying to get finance for their feature film.

Sheri Sussman

Sheri Sussman

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