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One Drink Too Many

A Vampire And Her Two Goons Walk Into A Bar

14th January 2020

A vampire and her two goons walk into a bar…

If this sounds like a joke, it’s because it is, only in the format of a short film this time. In this five-minute story written by David Black (“Horror House”, “Sex Robot”) and directed by first-time director James Moussa, the barman (David Black himself) tries to bargain for his life with Countess von Dragonlady, played by Tritia DeVisha (“Kali Geisha Erotica Grotesque”, “Camp Wheredeheckarewe”), who is well intent in drinking his blood. Their back and forth plays around common vampire myths, the dialogue a series of jokes surrounding the situation.

What immediately strikes the viewer, for better or worse, is David Black’s acting. It is intentionally over-the-top, reminiscent in ways of comical silent films where body language is a large part of the humor. It might seem too much, and will definitely put off many viewers, but it fits within this little world.

Countess von Dragonlady, as her name transpires, is a caricature, just like the two silent goons who flank her, Glen Cook (“Faberge Black”, “Sex Robot”) and Sasha Cuha (“Drive-In Grindhouse”, “Lurk”) dressed like old-timey mobsters.

On a technical aspect, the editing, soundtrack, production design, all bear witness to the very small budget allocated to the project.

The skit will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea for various reasons, but this can be forgiven thanks to its small budget, short run time and easy accessibility (it is on Youtube): it isn’t trying to be more than it is.



James Moussa

David Black

Running Time:
5 mins

Vampire gangsters encounter a strange bartender.

David Black, James Moussa, Tritia DeVisha

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