Occurrence At Mills Creek [Short]

Creepy Is, As Creepy Does

by John Leeson


Cassandra awakens to a nightmare as her pleas to be seen and heard by her sister Clara are taken as supernatural occurrences.

Don Swanson

Don Swanson


Actor Joe Fishel (“White Boy Rick“, “Fast & Furious 8“), sent us the latest short that he’s acting in from writer/director Don Swanson (“Erson (Short)”, “A Wish For Giants”), Occurrence At Mills Creek.

The short is already being turned into a feature. Is this a good thing? Well, on the whole yes. The short is confusing, there’s no getting around that, though you need to stick with it to the end as that’s when it becomes less so.

Perhaps unusually for a review, I’m not going to go into specifics about who is who and what happens as there’s such a high potential for me to end up giving something away.

I’m told the short is pretty much, give-or-take, the first act of the forthcoming feature, meaning a lot of questions that you are left with will then be answered by the rest of the feature.

We always say at OC Movie Reviews that a good short should leave you wanting to see more and Occurrence At Mills Creek does that by leaving you wanting to know the answers to questions it poses.

It’s wonderfully directed, Swanson using some great angles and nice filters or post processing for the flashbacks that gives them an aged feel without being corny.

The short is sold as a horror / supernatural, what with it involving the undead and all. It’s an intriguing short that I’m sure will make for an even more intriguing feature when it’s released in 2020.


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