Nox [Short]

A Burglary, Or Something More?

by Max White


Peter and Claire are two professional burglars on the east coast. On senatorial election night, their mission is to break into a Senator's villa.

Keyvan Sheikhalishahi

Keyvan Sheikhalishahi

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Early last year I reviewed Keyvan Sheikhalishahi’s short film Vesper. I said there was promise in his work, and that his eerie, French thriller was “a commendable effort for such a young director.”

He was just 18 at the time. A year on and he’s back with the even more impressive Nox.

By the time the credits rolled I honestly didn’t know what had happened, but it was shot well and like all good shorts should, it wasted no time in getting going.

It’s about Peter, Matt Passmoore (“The Glades (TV)”, “Jigsaw”) and Claire, Brigitte Millar (“Spectre“, “The Quiet Hour”): two unlikely looking burglars.

Aside from the briefcase, leather jackets and earpieces, they look janky as hell in their given profession. (Claire makes a right mess of some straightforward running.) But it doesn’t really seem to matter. The film itself looks great, and that’s actually enough.

It’s late at night and they’re busting into a large home somewhere in America. Through a series of flashbacks and jumps from Peter’s perspective to Claire’s, we get the idea that there’s something more sinister going down than just breaking and entering. (‘Something’ being the operative word here – answers on a postcard, please.)

There’s a lovely Amityville Horror-like standoff by the pool and a pan from up in a tree which Sheikhalishahi kind of pulls off.

The technical ability that I saw in Vesper is on show again here. He’s clearly good behind the camera; it’s his storytelling that needs work.


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