Nevada Review

Stop Motion Birth Control

A young couple take a dirty/romantic (delete accordingly) weekend to an AirBnB in Nevada.

Zoe, Chet Siegel (Search Party (TV), Life Support (TV)), was in charge of the condoms and, faced with a plethora of choice, selected the thinnest around.

Whilst fooling around with her boyfriend Eli, Jonathan Randell Silver (Keeping The Faith, My Land (Short)), the condom splits and the pair go on a quick, ‘what if’ tour of their future lives, with baby.

Nevada comes from Emily Ann Hoffman  (Ok, Call Me Back (Short)), who created this piece of stop motion animation, mixed with some digital expressions, based on personal and shared experiences.

Eli decides to take the whole thing as a bit of a joke and begins to imagine what sort of parents they would be, even asking what they should name this imaginary child.

Initially, Zoe is reluctant to join in, but after a nice hot bath she springs for a name and imagines herself with a baby.

Nevada is quick and funny with a quirky animation style. It ends with a question that you, the viewer, can come up with the answer on your own. Remember to count the syllables.

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