Meat Is Murder

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2nd December 2019

Vegans Get Radical

Gavin, Stephen Oswald (“Better Than Tomorrow (Short)”, “My Angel My Hero (Short)”), begins his filmmaking career by offering to film a group of ‘secret vegan activists’.

It’s fair to say Gavin isn’t exactly the best filmmaker in the world. Everything is very shaky and he forgets to turn the camera on for his interview with leader Steven, George Potts (“The Death Of Stalin“, “Ackley Bridge (TV)”).

Gavin does however, manage to capture the rifts that begin appearing within the group. Despite his best efforts, Steven isn’t quite radical enough for some and his attempts, throwing sausage at a local butcher, who then injures himself and can’t run in the London Marathon for a leukaemia charity, just make the group look worse.

Step forward Julie, Tracy Wiles (“Wild Rose“, “Doctors (TV)”), who turns the group on Steven and transforms it into something much more radical, much more sinister.

The writing of Meat Is Murder is simply sublime. This is writer Matt Hynds’ first stab at a film and boy is it a good one. It’s darkly funny and does what any short film should, it leaves you interested in seeing more.

Directorial duties went to Max Sobol (“The Photographer (Short)”, “You (Us) Me”), who makes things look very amateurish but ensure you miss nothing of what is going on.

As for the cast well they all play their parts wonderfully. Potts and Wiles stand out but then they also have the most to do. Wiles is wonderfully sinister but masterfully awkward at the same time, whilst Potts just seems to want to be a nice guy.

Fingers crossed, meat free fingers obviously, this is a great sign of things to come from Hynds, I look forward to seeing more of his work.

Patrick is a young filmmaker investigating a group of vegan vigilantes. At first they seem harmless, but when their de facto leader Steven faces a leadership challenge from hardliner Julie, the group starts to head down a much darker path.

1st October 2019

Max Sobol

Matt Hynds

Running Time:
14 mins

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