Marcus Review

A Delightful Ten Minutes

The rain beats down like tears from the night sky. Marcus, a down on his luck man, who is portrayed with power and conviction by actor Owen Miller (Burn Notice (TV), Gutter King), sits in an SUV.

Marcus grapples with a decision about as heavy as the parked vehicle he is confined to. Thankfully, he does not have to make this choice alone.

In this dramatically charged, expertly crafted short film, Marcus gets into a very serious argument with a few close friends while he is beside himself with grief, past regret and at a major crossroads in life.

This Short was written and directed by J.R. Poli (Never Forget (Short), Watching Spielberg Read Your Script (Short)), and it is a superb showcase of talent all around.

The dynamic lighting, impactful sound design and acting all draw you into this simple yet elegant story.

The overall style of Marcus is subtle and serves the story well. No flashy camera work here, when you have a story this strong told through exceptional acting, you do not need it. In fact, if the camera moves and style were amped up, that would take away from the perfect tone Marcus maintains.

It is difficult to express why you must see this short without spoiling the intriguing narrative. I will work around this contradiction by saying, this 10 minute short will feel like a captivating 3 minutes, that is how quickly it builds and keeps you invested.

The dynamic lighting, impactful sound design and acting all draw you into this simple yet elegant story.

Marcus does not spell out the plot turns it takes, it lets the mystery linger while the suspense keeps the viewer on edge. This short subject is infused with a marriage of surreal naturalism that is rarely seen. Marcus is a bold examination of life and death, hope and loss.

Marcus screened at the 2018 Sunscreen Film Festival as part of their Dramatic Shorts lineup. The short won Best in Show at the 2018 Indiefest Film Awards.

This top quality Short is making its film festival run so it is not available online yet. My hope is it ends up on Amazon Prime or some other distribution outlet that gives it wide exposure and makes the filmmakers a little cash in the process.

When that fateful day arrives I highly recommend for anyone who can handle an intense Drama to see it. You will be surprised, you will be struck with a flood emotions and you may even do a little circumspection.

Curt Wiser is the Writer, Director of the Suspense movie Cam-Girl. As a filmmaker and artist he is happy to say a kind word about other movies, be they short form or feature length and share them with the world.

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