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Lunch Ladies

What Would Johnny Depp Do?

6th July 2018

Seretta and LouAnne share a passion, no, not cooking, they are obsessed with Johnny Depp and, on learning they’ve won a competition to meet him, just need to find the air-fare to get there.

There’s a catch however, as the school they work at won’t provide them with any fresh ingredients and so what they serve each day is slop.

It sounds awful, it looks awful and it doesn’t taste much better. Eventually the principal has enough and warns the women that, unless they pull their fingers out for ‘surprise Friday’, they’re for the sack.

Seretta, Donna Pieroni (Walk Of Fame, Split)), during a moment of panic, ruins her Johnny Depp t-shirt and, whilst she’s in the toilets, comes across a particularly self-centred student who pushes her a little too far.

With the help of her best friend LouAnne, Mary Manofsky (Future Man (TV), Western Religion), they turn the incident with the student to their advantage, doing whatever they bloody-well can to earn those plane tickets.

First time writer Clarissa Jacobsen teams with director J.M. Logan (Family) to create this absolutely wonderful short film.

It has everything you could want from something described as a horror, comedy. It’s funny, very funny, there’s gore, lots of blood and a funny death.

Pieroni and Manofsky work together like they’ve been at it for years. They complement each other wonderfully and perform the comedy aspects in particular like pros.

Lunch Ladies leaves you wanting more, much more. I could see this being turned into a series, a comical, horror-lite, series about a couple of lunch ladies and their mishaps. It would also work equally well on the stage.

Lunch Ladies is an absolute delight and something you should see whenever you get the opportunity.



J.M. Logan

Clarissa Jacobson

Running Time:

Seretta and LouAnne share a passion, no, not cooking, they are obsessed with Johnny Depp

Clarissa Jacobson, Daisy Kershaw, Donna Pieroni, J.M. Logan, Mary Manofsky

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